The Lapp Group Brands

Lapp Kabel’s brands are one of the best-known in the cable technology field and have earned an outstanding reputation as a premium brand.

The contract for exclusive distribution of Lapp Kabel’s product range for the region of Croatia is a big success and confirmation of Tim Kabel’s position as the leading distributor of cables and conductors in the region.

All over the world, Lapp brands stand for the values all customers consider paramount: quality, precision, and reliability.

oelflex_.jpgÖLFLEX® Flexible, oil proof connection and control cables, for universal use with the most demanding requirements.

Product cataloge: OLFLEX 43.38 Mb

hitronic_.jpgHITRONIC® Super-fast fiber optic cables for safe data transfer in the office and industrial sector.

Product cataloge: HITRONIC 3.58 Mb

unitronic_.jpgUNITRONIC® Fast, safe, pioneering data cables for an extremely diverse range of applications.

Product cataloge: UNITRONIC 14.48 Mb

epic_.jpgEPIC® Rugged, reliable and flexible industrial connectors as system components.

Product cataloge: EPIC 31.07 Mb

skintop_.jpgSKINTOP® The universal cable gland system for simple, perfect, fast installation.

Product cataloge: SKINTOP 18.24 Mb

silvyn_.jpgSILVYN® The universal product line for perfect all-round protection of cables and lines.

Product cataloge: SILVYN 13.49 Mb

fleximark_.jpgFLEXIMARK® The diverse marking systems for simple, lasting, clear marking.

Product cataloge: FLEXIMARK 6.87 Mb

etherline_.jpgETHERLINE® The Lapp Group can also offer comprehensive system solutions in the industrial networking sector.

Product cataloge: ETHERLINE 3.07 Mb

accessories_.jpgCABLE ACCESSORIES: installation, processing, maintenance, cutting, stripping, skinning, connector and crimping engineering, insulating, protecting, shrinking, binding...

Product cataloge: ACCESSORIES 17.05 Mb

appendix_.jpgAPPENDIX: selection tables, technical tables, index of part numbers and index of products

Data sheet: APPENDIX 8.34 Mb