MEE Dubai 2017

Middle East Electricity 2017

The MEE Fair in Dubai each year confirms its status as one of the most important energetics fairs in the world which shows in records-breaking attendance every year. As many as 98% of visitors consider the visit to MEE very important or essential to the management of their companies.

mm1.jpgSajam MEE 2017.Sajam MEE 2017.Visitors come not only from companies in the sector of energetics, there are also representatives of consultants, retailers, experts in the field of research and development, construction and urban planning agencies, and others. The theme of this year's MEE was Smart cities, so there very many specialized seminars aimed at an industry that needs to learn how to develop in the direction to become smarter and sustainable.

Tim Kabel has turned its previous participations at the MEE into excellent export performance in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. This year, our booth had a record turnout so we hope that this fact will result in numerous business collaborations.