FG16OR - replacement for FG7OR

For alignment with the European CPR EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011, Italian cable manufacturers in their standard production range instead of the highly sought-after cable FG7OR offer a new cable type FG16OR16.


The FG7OR cable will no longer be manufactured and, accordingly, Tim Kabel ceases supply of the FG7OR cable and the FG16OR16 cable is included in our standard range.

To meet the CPR regulations, insulation materials and FG7OR cable sheaths have been altered, and as a result of these changes, a new FG16OR16 cable featured enhanced fire performance (reduced smoke emissions) has been presented.

The cable is covered by the standard HRN EN 50575:2014+HRN EN 50575/A1:2016 and is in conformity with EU Regulation No. 305/2011 on construction products. It falls into the CPR class Cca-s3, d1, a3.

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