A successfully completed EU project

The reliability and quality of Tim Kabel d.o.o. (Ltd.) was recognized by the institutions of the European Union that had supported our project called

Expanding the capacity of the existing business unit by removing the bottleneck and increasing employee productivity

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Structural and Investment Funds for the financial period 2014-2020 out of the European Regional Development Fund.

The aim of the investment was to increase the capacity of the business unit through the improvement of existing business processes, thus becoming more competitive on domestic and foreign markets. We will strengthen the prerequisites for revenue growth, which will contribute not only to the preservation of the current but also to the creation of new jobs. Also, by investing in energy efficiency, we will contribute to the preservation of the environment.

A successful implementation of the project is planned to achieve the following results:

  • increasing the number of employees
  • strengthening the competitiveness
  • sales revenue growth
  • growth of export revenue
  • improvement of logistic capacities
  • increasing energy efficiency
  • automation of a business process

With this investment, Tim Kabel d.o.o. (Ltd.) invested in:

  • tangible assets that enable the removal of bottlenecks in existing business processes
  • software solutions that accompany investment in tangible assets
  • environmentally friendly lighting
  • promotional activities

The total investment of the project is 2,010,584.00 HRK, of which grants (non-refundable funds) amount to 889,864.60 HRK.

The project implementation period was November 30th 2016 - March 31st 2018.

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Contact: Nino Malinarić, project manager
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For more information about EU funds visit: European Structural and Investment Funds (www.strukturnifondovi.hr)

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