Responsibilities towards society

Cables direct electricity. – We are constantly attempting to direct our energy and good will further – it is with great pleasure that we work at creating a better society and environment in which we live.

A family is a small team...!

  • Each year we organize a company off-site excursion with our employees and their families.
  • For every child that is born, our employees are given a generous once off cash bonus to help with their new family member.
  • For several years now we have been donating
    • to the Croatian Community for Couple’s Support, which has been organizing courses and seminars on marital communication for the past 30 years.
    • We also regularly donate to the association RODA – parents in action working to advocate the rights of children, parents and families as a whole.

Red Cable for fire alarm

A fire-fighter is synonymous with the Good Samaritan. At times we should try and bring out the fire-fighter within.Since the early days of our company we have tried to help the less fortunate and handicapped.

  • Each year, with the help of the ‘Centre for Social Welfare’ and several parishes, we help several less fortunate families.
  • We donate supplies to people with handicaps via the ‘Society of the Physically Handicapped’ and the ‘Bishop Josip Lang Foundation’.
  • We also donate to the association of the blind and deaf, ‘Dodir’ (Touch), the therapeutic community ‘Cenacolo’, the humanitarian association ‘Dora’ and many more.

Many have asked us, and we are happy to answer.

Since the founding days of the company we have been donating money to many not-for-profit associations and organizations. By donating to churches, sporting clubs, and cultural programmes we hope to make a contribution to the society we work and live in.

Environment and quality plan

The system of quality and environmental control exists from the same time as does the company Tim Kabel, therewith that the certification of the system itself was implemented in year 2008 (ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015.) This system reflects the development of the company in the area of service quality, environmental protection and business efficiency.

We are aware that the successfulness of the company, as measured through various indicators, depends on understanding and satisfying the needs and expectations of actual and possible customers and other interested parties. The objectives which the Management sets for itself and the organization are based on the policy of quality and environmental control.

Within planning and implementation of surveillance, measurement, analysis and improvement process are highlighted the requirements for measuring of customer satisfaction, product and service control, measuring of compliance and effectiveness of quality control system and measuring of process effectiveness, same as requirements for surveillance and measuring of environmental impact and assessment and compliance with statutory regulations.

The data obtained by measuring are the basis for deduction of information and facts needed for decision-making of the Management, aimed at the improvement of the process and increase of customer and other parties satisfaction.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

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