About us

Priorities at
TIM Kabel are:

  • quality service
  • reliability
  • open communication
  • responsibility to society

We are the leading distributor of cables in Croatia. For a company that established itself 27 years ago in a garage, we can proudly say that we’ve made it.

We’ve made it – and we’ll keep succeeding due to the clear and simple fact that we have always placed you, our customers, as number one on our priority list.

We have never said that something can be done if it couldn’t. We have never said something is impossible, if it is not.

No reasonable deadline has been too short. Our working hours are measured according to your needs. Our working hours are measured according to your needs.

Niti jedan kabel nije nam predug

It makes us very proud and honoured that you have recognized our approach towards you, our customers, and that with many we have extended beyond the realms of business relationships into ones of friendship..

We have become the leading company in cable distribution within Croatia thanks to our emphasis on customer service and our attention to the partnerships we establish. By encouraging the positive values inside and outside of the company, we have been greeted by success. We attain to deliver our customers what they need, when they need, however they may need it.


Tim Kabel d.o.o.
Savska cesta 103, 10360 Sesvete, Croatia
Managment: Ivan Topcic
Nominal capital: 31.000.000 kn

VAT No. HR69927324836
EUR/USD IBAN HR88 2402 0061 1006 57929 ERSTE Bank Rijeka
HRK IBAN HR70 2484 0081 1003 56031 RBA Zagreb

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