Suppliers, distribution and representatives

Aside from the standard cables in our product range, we can also offer you an assortment of cables from world renowned companies, amongst which are:

General Cavi S.p.A, ITALY
General Cavi S.p.A
General Cavi is the leading Italian cable manufacturer, established in 1984. The company has 4 production plants in Italy and it is exporting the cables worldwide. The cables from General Cavi are made according to domestic and international standards.
Tim Kabel started cooperation with General Cavi in 2005. and the cables were successfully delivered to domestic and international customers.

The world’s largest cable manufacturer Nexans in their product range offer the Titanex cables, rubber cables of the highest quality.
Tim Kabel is the official distributor of Nexans rubber cable Titanex for the regions of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania.

Prysmian, ITALY
Tim kabel is authorized distributor of Prysmian – the leading global player in cable industry with subsidiaries in 50 countries and 98 production plants. Tim kabel is providing high quality solutions from Prysmian to customers in Croatia and throughout the region. The production scope of Prysmian is covering full range of cables used in widest range of activity and industry.


LappKabel Lapp Kabel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of all sorts of cables, wires and cable equipment. In their 17 factories across the world they offer over 40,000 different cable solutions.


EBION KABLO Ebion Kablo is one of the leading Turkish cable manufacturers that specialises in the manufacture of low voltage copper cables. Tim Kabel and Ebion Kablo have a successful business relationship which began in 2012. Ebion Kablo cables are delivered to Tim Kabel's customers in Croatia and worldwide.


nkt NKT Cables is a front-line supplier of power cables to the electricity sector primarily in Europe and China. Focus is on supplying system solutions for expansion of transmission and distribution grids (Electricity Infrastructure), and installation cables for buildings (Construction), wires for cars (Automotive) and catenary wires for high speed railways (Railway).
Tim Kabel become distributor of NKT products in 2008.

Etabir Birtas Kable is the leading Turkish manufacturer for signal, telecommunication and electric cables.
Tim Kabel is the exclusive distributor for Etabir Birtas for the regions of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Top Cable, SPAIN
Top Cable
Top cable is the leading Spanish cable manufacturer, the company was established in 1985. Today it covers full range of control cables, power cables, fire resistant cables, medium voltage cables – supplying construction projects, railway, mining, marine, aeronautical, military and renewable energy plants.
Tim Kabel started cooperation with Top Cable in 2007. and it is authorized distributor of their products in the region.