Flat rubber sheathed cable for decorative lighting

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Flexible flat cable with poly-chloroprene sheath for decorative lighting. Suitable for use in dry, damp or wet areas, same as outdoor, as insulated conductor for lighting fixtures on squares, in gardens and similar.

HD 22.8 S1
DIN VDE 0282 part 604
mark: IEC 60245 58f

Datasheet H05RNH2-F 117.09 Kb

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Technical data

Conductor: tinned copper conductor, fine wired stranded, class 5 acc. to IEC 60228 / HD 383 / DIN VDE 0295
Insulation: rubber compound on ethylene-propylene basis (EPM, earlier: EPR), i.e. EI4 acc. to DIN VDE 0282 part 1 (DIN VDE 0207 T20, EI4)
Sheath: rubber compound on poly-chloroprene basis (CR), i.e. EM2 acc. to DIN VDE 0282 part 1 (DIN VDE 0207 T21, EM2)
sheath colour: green or black
Core colour marking: acc. to HRN HD 308 S2 / VDE 0293-308
Temperature range:  
at usage with bending: -30 °C up to +60 °C
maximal operating temp.: +60 °C
at short circuit of max. 5 s: up to 200 °C
Nominal voltage: Uο/U = 300/500 V
Test voltage: 2000 V
Maximal tensile strength: 15 N/mm²
Minimal inner bending radius: 4D
Behaviour in fire: IEC 60332-1

Dimensions – number of cores x conductor cross-section Construction of individual conductor Conductor diameter Insulation thickness Distance between conductor centres External diameter Conductor resistance at 20 °C Cu weight Cable weight Packing *
  nominal nominal nominal min.-max. min-max. max.   approx.  
N x mm² n x mm mm mm mm mm Ω/km kg/km Kg/km  
2 x 1,5 30 x 0,25 1,6 0,8 6,7 - 7,0 5,0 x 13,0 13,3 28,8 122 CUT
2 x 2,5 50 x 0,25 2,0 0,8 6,7 - 7,0 5,7 x 13,3 7,98 48 147 CUT

Packing: CUT = cable in different lengths on drum or reel, possible cutting at required length