Interview - Drago Munjiza on Tim Kabel

drago-munjizat2.jpg'If we compare Tim Kabel to other clients: the work atmosphere, the fairness of the owners and managers, they far surpass all the other companies I have worked with until now. My influence was not small, and this came to my attention at the last team building that was held, when the owners appraised my personal input as critical.'

Wednesday, 27.02.2008.

TIM Kabel on the peaks of Austria

TIM Kabel on the peaks of AustriaOn Sunday the 24th of June, while Zagreb’s Summer was in full swing and temperatures were soaring above 30 degrees, Miljenko Vukadinović, employee at our Zagreb branch, together with his climbing team (Darko Tosenberger i Zvonimir Zorić – PD Ðakovo), made his way through the deep snows of the Austrian Alps.

Thursday, 31.01.2008.
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